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littlemoretouchme: top 6 jonas brothers songs, top 6 characters from a musical, top 6 things about chicago, top 6 louis tomlinson tweets!

god bless u even tho these are all so hard omg

top 6 jonas songs:

tonight, inseparable, found, world war iii, s.o.s., what do i mean

6 musical characters (this is realllyy hard omfg)

pippin, the leading player, elder price, clyde barrow, bonnie parker, roxie hart

6 things about chicago:

the lakefront, the noise, my university (i’m a biased bitch), the smell of garrett’s popcorn, i can’t think of two more because i love everything about this city this is too hard i’m so sorry omfg

6 louis tweets:

i know i should have ones but i can’t recall any specific tweets i’m the worst omfg but p much any old tweets before management sucked especially ones about harry (throw me in the garbage) 



ask me my top six anything

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sleepy, queer, dont wanna be here


The Office: Finale table read (x).

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Backstage


friend: whatcha doin’?
me: thinkin’ about mickey milkovich
favorite character meme: mickey milkovich
Not everybody gets to just… Not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fuckin’ feel every minute.

New ‘do

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is he… you know………….straight? not that theres; anything wrong with that i was just asking.. some of my friends are sstraight so im pretty accepting of people like that.Maybe he and i could play foortball toegther, or something Straights like ot do! :)